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Below is a full list of all available searches. Need a custom package? Contact a consultant today!

National Criminal Index Search

This search provides record information for all 50 states (Coverage varies by state). This is a database compilation of information that comes from a variety of sources such as state repositories, county court records, department of correction records, arrest logs, and sex offender registries. OneSource, Inc. does not recommend this search as a stand-alone hiring decision search. This search is recommended in conjunction with statewide and/or county criminal court record searches.

Statewide Criminal Search

This is a criminal record search at the state level. Statewide searches are available in many states. All statewide searches are conducted in the widely recognized state repositories. These are not private databases or department of corrections searches. Information returned varies from state to state. Detailed information about each statewide search that we offer (scope of the search, etc.) is listed in our pricing information.

County Level Criminal Search

This is a criminal record search at the county level. Along with direct access, we have built a very large network of hands-on researchers nationwide that directly access the courthouse records to perform this search. The search includes felonies and county misdemeanors in most areas. We report all cases that are legally reportable under the FCRA including pending and dismissed cases. The typical scope of the search is 10 years.

SSN Trace Report (Address and Name History)

This service is foundation upon which we build our search package. The search traces the Social Security Number and names given by the applicant, and may uncover maiden names and aliases that were not disclosed. In the process It may also verify the applicant’s date of birth. Additionally, this service traces the addresses supplied by the applicant, and can possibly uncover address of residence undisclosed by the applicant.

Federal Criminal Search

This is a criminal search at the federal level. Federal crimes include bank robbery, drug trafficking, embezzlement, crimes that cross state lines and crimes that occur on federal property such as a military base. Pricing for our federal searches are per federal district. There are one to four federal districts per state. When ordering, you can specify which districts you want to search or we can look them up for you based on where they lived. The typical scope of the search is 7 years.

International Background Checks

Criminal searches are available outside the United States. Crimes and offenses that are comparable to felonies in the U.S. are reported, as well as less serious offenses, if available. Misdemeanor type offenses are also available for searching. International government agencies are contacted when conducting these background checks. The years covered in an international search varies by country.

National Sex Offender Registry

A search of all 50 states sex offender registries, including the District of Columbia. This report will contain all information available in all 50 states data repositories. The information contained within each state’s repository can vary. Report information can include sexually violent offenders, sexual predators, failed to register sex offenders, convicted and non-convicted offenders.

Education Verification

This search provides verification of a degree. Your degree verification report verifies the school your applicant graduated from, plus your applicants dates of attendance, major course of study, degree earned, date degree received, and GPA.

Employment Verification

This report verifies dates of employment and position(s) held, as disclosed by your applicant, for a specific employer. Additional information will be included if released by the employer, such as reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire.

Professional License Verification

This report validates the status of an individual’s current license in a specific state. You will also receive any registered complaints or disciplinary information found on the individual, if available. Your report will include confirmation of license type, license number, date issued, expiration date, and current status.

Personal/Professional Reference

Your reference check report will include information such as: the reference’s profession and relationship to your applicant, your applicant’s strengths and weaknesses according to the reference, any known drug-related or alcohol-abuse problems for your applicant, plus additional information obtained from the reference.

Driving Record Checks (MVR/DMV)

This report provides motor vehicle record information directly from a state department of motor vehicles. This service is offered for the majority of States. MVR history is 3 years or 7 years depending on the state. The information reported by each state can vary. Information reported includes status of license, violations/convictions, failures to appear, accidents, suspensions/revocations, license and permit information, and miscellaneous state data.

County Court Civil Records

This is a county level search for civil court records. Civil records are generally divided between the upper and the lower courts based on the monetary amount of the claim. Our default search is in the upper court.(The lower court may be searched as well.) Civil records contain records of lawsuits, small claims, and judgments.

Workers' Compensation Records

Workers Compensation fraud alone costs American Businesses an estimated $5 billion annually. This search will identify an applicant’s history of injuries while on the job. As imposed by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), there are restrictions regarding when employers may obtain workers’ compensation information.The ADA requires that these records be obtained on job applicants only after a conditional job offer has been extended and can be used only after an offer of employment is extended. These records should be used to accommodate the needs of the applicant. In addition, the inquiry must be required of all applicants in the same job category.


This is a search of the Dept. of Health and Human Services (OIG) and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) database. For OIG, this search identifies an excluded individual or entity that has legally done something wrong against Medicaid, Medicare, or other federally funded healthcare programs. For GSA, this search identifies parties excluded from federal procurement and non-procurement programs and identifies those parties excluded throughout the U.S. Government from receiving federal contracts or certain subcontracts and from certain types of federal financial and non-financial assistance and benefits.

Occupational Health/Drug Testing

Drug Testing screens candidates for abuse of illegal substances. It includes 5, 7 or 9 panel urine test. All medical and civil service jobs require pre-employment drug testing. This includes positions such as nurses, CNA's, public school employees, road construction and maintenance crews, social services staff and law enforcement officers.

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