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Leverage Our FCRA & EEOC Knowledge

Government regulation related to the hiring and evaluation process has created significant risk for HR departments and Staffing Companies. The EEOC and the FTC both have significant roles in establishing compliance policies which companies must adhere to.

You want your background screening company to be diligent and vigilant when it comes to adhering to the ever changing FCRA compliance environment.

We know compliance is a huge concern for HR professionals, which is why we have internal controls that ensure we only report information that is permissible and relevant to the candidate.

OneSource continuously monitors individual State and Federal legislation, interacts with legislators and authorities in the industry, and employs leading FCRA legal counsel to fully understand and assess the ever-changing legislative landscape. This strategy allows OneSource to forecast evolutions in the industry and provide our clients, vendors, and staff with up-to-date tools, information, and training necessary to fulfill their obligations under law.

OneSource's solutions include a suite of specialized employment screening modules to help you maintain regulatory compliance.

Adverse Action Administration

Eliminate the challenge of manually performing the multi-step letter and report distribution through the use of our Adverse Action Administration. OneSource will generate and mail FCRA letters directly to applicants on behalf of your organization. As required by law, specific instructions for disputing the accuracy of the information will be included with the preliminary adverse notice, as well as a copy of the applicant's Consumer Report, and a copy of "A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act".

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